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This is not a private property

Exhibition & Events
February 23 - March 9, 2019
19 Côté Cour, Paris

"Please Trespass" is an invitation to examine the notions of intellectual property and copyright, along with the legal, economic, and creative questions they raise. The flow of exchanges in the digital age promised the democratization of culture and an ever-growing, ever-faster access to information. However, are these promises truly achievable in a system forced towards immaterial capitalism?

The artists featured in the exhibition respond to these questions through alternative methods of creation and dissemination: free licenses, open-source tools, content appropriation, and more. Aligned with the Free Culture movement, their artistic approaches aim to liberate a cultural heritage considered as common, employing acts of digital, visual, or conceptual hacking, and to a DIY ethic.

with : Nora Al-Badri & Jan Nikolai Nelles, Yogesh Barve, Raphaël Bastide, Nicolas Maigret, Céline Manz and Open Music Archive (Eileen Simpson & Ben White)

Polynome - Please Trespass This is not a private property - Exposition | Exhibition 2019 - Paris, France

Graphic design: Xavier Morlet

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Open Music Archive - Please Trespass - Polynme


In an effort to circulate cultural content, we share a subjective and non-exhaustive bibliography of resources that have fueled our research for the exhibition. It brings together reference texts on key exhibition concepts such as Free Culture and copyright, as well as other writings we have read or browsed, films we have watched, projects that have inspired us, and websites that have informed our project.


Wednesday, February 27, 19:00

Artistic practices and open source softwares


Meeting with the artist Raphaël Bastide about his work FacSeq Player (Alpha) and his practices with open source softwares

Thursday, March 7, 19:00

La Bataille du Libre


Preview screening of the documentary, followed by a debate with filmmaker Philippe Borrel. Watch the trailer

Saturday, March 9, 16:00

"Hacking the imitation, for there is no original" : Cyborg and feminism


The queer hackerspace queer Le Reset proposes to explore the reappropriation of the cyborg's figure for and by minorities, in a feminist perspective.

Saturday, March 9, 18:00

Finissage with Anti-copyright Live Remix


Exhibition finissage with a live remix proposed by the DJs of the collective 404 based on Open Music Archive's Copyleft playlist

> Listen to the playlist here

> Listen to the Live remix here

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