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Exhibition & Events
April 15 - May 14, 2022
Buropolis, Marseille


The exhibition "Cosmopolitics" takes as its starting point the assertion of a cosmos as a common good, one that shouldn't be shared as a territory to conquer and exploit, but rather as a limited resource.

Today, the conquest of space is reaching unprecedented proportions and revealing the capitalist intentions of its actors. With the arrival of Perseverance on Mars, the launch of China's first space station, and the flights of SpaceX, Blue Origin, and Virgin Galactic, it's clear that space exploration is driven more by political and commercial objectives than scientific ones. An inevitable privatization of the cosmos is on the horizon.

"Cosmopolitics" is a reflection on the very validity of these initiatives which, in the name of progress, export the problems generated on Earth into space without seeking to question them. The colonization of celestial bodies, the pollution of low orbit, and the militaristic use of advanced technologies are already the reality of this new space era.

Between utopia and dystopia, science fiction and real events, the exhibited artworks fuel new imaginaries that offer alternative visions of our relationship with the cosmos. Eleven artists invite us to engage in a debate about the occupation of space, one from which we have been deprived.

With: Juliette Chartier, Stefan Eichhorn, Audrey et Maxime Jean-Baptiste, Adriana Knouf, Nonhuman Nonsense, Quadrature, Marina Smorodinova

with the support of DICRéAM

Quadrature is supported by:

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Exhibition Cosmopolitiques (Cosmopolitics), Buropolis, curated by Polynome
Exhibition Cosmopolitiques (Cosmopolitics), Buropolis, curated by Polynome
Exhibition Cosmopolitiques (Cosmopolitics), Buropolis, curated by Polynome
Exhibition Cosmopolitiques (Cosmopolitics), Buropolis, curated by Polynome, Per aspera ad astra, by Marina Smorodinova
Exhibition Cosmopolitiques, Cimetière Spatial (Space cemetary), Juliette Chartier, curated by Polynome
Polynome - Exposition | Exhibition Cosmopolitiques, Marseille 2022 - Audrey & Maxime Jean-Baptiste
Exhibition Cosmopolitics, Greetings from the Future, Stefan Eichhorn, curated by Polynome
Exhibition Cosmopolitiques, Supraspectives, Quadrature, curated by Polynome
Cosmopolitiques exhibition, Planetary Personhood, Nonhuman Nonsense, curated by Polynome


Friday, April 15, 18:00 - 21:00

Opening at Buropolis, Marseille


Exhibition opening with the curators and the artists Juliette Chartier, Stefan Eichhorn, and Marina Smorodinova

Friday, April 15, 22:00 - 02:00

Afterparty with DJ set at La Mer Veilleuse


Opening afterparty at La Mer Veilleuse bar, with a space electro DJ set by DJ Sport 2000 (Juliette Chartier) & Boylucky (Yann van der Meer)

Tuesday, 3 May - 20:30 PM

Cosmos & colonisation ~ Screening of shorts + discussion at Videodrome 2 cinema, Marseille


Selection of documentary and fictive short films that question the link between space and terrestrial colonisation. Followed by a discussion with filmmaker Julie Bellard.

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Saturday, May 14, 15:30 - 19:30

Meeting with Institut Origines and finissage drink,

at Buropolis, Marseille


Discussion at the crossroads between art and science, focusing on space law, conquest of space and origins of life. The Institut Origines (Aix-Marseille University) dedicates itself to the study of the origin of planets and life in the Universe.

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