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What Salary Would Do to Art: Reflections from 'Our Condition' by Aurélien Catin

Article (in French only)

Published in November 2021 in "Facettes", an annual contemporary art magazine


"They're closing everything. We're opening all the debates." In their "Call for the Union of Art Workers" dated March 30, 2021, the Occupants Collective of FRAC PACA (Fonds Régional d’Art Contemporain - Provence-Alps-French Riviera) demonstrates that the (mis)management of the health crisis has opened an irreversible breach: it's no longer just about reopening venues, but fundamentally rethinking the condition of artists and art workers as a whole. The assessment of over a year of pandemic reveals more than ever the precariousness of cultural field actors, whose resources have been suspended alongside the market on which they depend. The debates sparked by collectives such as La Buse, Économie solidaire de l’art, Réseau Salariat, Art en Grève, and cultural venue occupants all arrive at the same conclusion:  art work must be redefined as such, and its workers must be granted an independent wage separated from any artistic production.

This is also the demand of Aurélien Catin in Notre condition. Essai sur le salaire au travail artistique ("Our Condition: Essay on Wage in Artistic Work,") published by Riot Editions in 2020. [...] 

With the gracious participation of Aurélien Catin.

Front cover Facettes n°7 Polynome 2021

© Revue Facettes, 50° nord réseau transfrontalier d'art contemporain

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